This Drum Set used by Buddy Rich

For Sale

I have been authorize to offer for sale the above drum kit used by the great late Buddy Rich . This drum set was purchased in 1978 by Ray Cooper who sadly past away last year at the age of 92. When I last spoke to Ray he told be he was planning on moving back to the UK from his home in Ocala, Florida. unfortunately he past away before he could make his return. His wife Valerie however late last year was able to do this and she brought with her Rays drum set and 170 plus big band arrangement including all parts written for a 16 piece orchestra.

Below is a letter of authenticity from the Professional Drum Shop, Hollywood who stored this Drum set for Buddy.


You are invited to show your interest by contacting me in the first instant and I would be happy to pass on your details to Ray's wife Valerie for her to consider and make contact with you. write to:-


Also For Sale:-

There are 76 arrangements listed with all parts written for a 16 piece orchestra . These are offered for sale individually or in numbers or the entire library.

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